Why Mailsafe for the NHS?

If you are using Exchange, NHSmail or a combination of both, Mailsafe is the right product for your email archiving needs.

We’ve listened to our current clients within the NHS and incorporated their requirements into Mailsafe so that we have a proven, robust solution for NHSmail and Exchange users.

Mailsafe is a single instance email archiving software product that interfaces with Exchange and Outlook, and does not use stubbing.  Emails are securely archived ‘on site’ and privacy is guaranteed.  Fast searching, finding and viewing of archived emails via an integrated toolbar in Outlook, together with return to Mailbox, satisfies both user and Administrator demands.

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Email Archiving for NHSmail and Exchange Server

Email archiving for the NHS logo 148x103The Mailsafe Outlook toolbar enables NHSmail users to select individual or multiple emails for archiving to an exact mirror of their Outlook Personal Folder structure in the Mailsafe archive. The Automatic Archiving feature can fully automate this process so no user action is required. Archived emails can be automatically deleted from the user’s mailbox helping keep them within their NHSmail quota without them relying on PST file archiving. Mailsafe is fully tested and verified by the HSCIC.

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Email archiving for the NHS logo 148x103Mailsafe Compliance integrates with Exchange server to capture and archive a single instance copy of all emails. Emails are captured in ‘real time’, utilising the Microsoft Exchange Journaling feature, compressed for storage savings and then encrypted (AES256 bit encryption) for added security to guarantee authenticity. The unique Mailbox Reduction tool enables old emails to be archived from users’ mailboxes and then hard deleted to help reduce the Exchange storage size.

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PST Archive Logo for NHSmail-safeFrom your desktop, easily find all PST files on your servers and computers with detailed reports on their location, size, last access date etc. These PST files can be archived to the Mailsafe database with a few clicks delivering an average storage reduction of 50% through compression. Whether you use Exchange or NHSmail, by understanding the complete PST problem and the associated costs of storage and backup, PST archiving can help drive your email archiving project and improve Information Governance processes.

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