Archiving for NHSmail

NHSmailNHSmail was designed as a secure electronic messaging system and not for email filing and storage.  The average mailbox quota is just 400 MB in size and each NHSmail mailbox is subject to an upper limit.

Once that limit is reached, the user is prevented from sending and receiving further email correspondence and can choose to either delete important emails or to archive to PST files to free up space.

Neither option is attractive and prevents email discovery and Information Governance practices with PST files being expensive to manage, backup and restore with the added concern that they are liable to corrupt and vital email data being lost.

Mailsafe for NHSmail integrates with Outlook and has been tested and verified by the HSCIC.

Extract from the HSCIC Archiving with NHSmail December 2013.pdf

“The archiving application, which you choose to adopt, must not cause excessive connectivity to the NHSmail service – this could potentially affect other existing users.  Ideally the solution should connect to local clients (e.g. Outlook) and archive email from the client source (e.g. from Outlook)”

The Mailsafe Outlook toolbar offers the user both manual and automatic ‘client side’ archiving features ensuring users can retain important emails without altering the way they work.  Once an email is archived, Mailsafe can automatically delete the email from Outlook keeping the user within their NHSmail quota.

The reliance on PST archiving is eradicated completely whilst existing PST files can be imported into the Mailsafe archive delivering healthy cost savings.

Each user has an exact mirror of their Outlook Personal Folder structure in the Mailsafe archive making archiving, searching and finding a simple, instant and powerful process.  Access to the email archive is via the Mailsafe Outlook toolbar or the WebApp for iOS, Android, PC, MAC.

The Mailsafe infrastructure  is a straightforward and lean environment requiring only a SQL Server database and some spare physical storage available on the network, whilst compression (50% average) and single instance storage provide significant storage efficiencies.

Key Features

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Personal Folder Archiving  – users retain their Outlook Personal Folder structure in the Mailsafe archive

Automatic Archiving  – emails archived automatically based on define retention policies e.g. “older than 1 month”

Aliases  – access rights can be granted so that a user can search for others emails on their behalf

PowerUser  – Elevated status to search and discover emails from the entire archive e.g. IT Director

Migration from Exchange to NHSmail  – use Mailsafe to archive emails prior to migrating to NHSmail

Lean and Secure  – Single Instance Storage of emails, Compression & Encryption

PST Discovery  – Administrators can discover and report on all PST files on servers and computers

PST Importer  – Administrators can easily import PST files into Mailsafe’s archive with a few clicks